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1 Interior and tailor made designs
Starting from your wishes and desires, Il Loft imagines and designs, develops and realizes your interiors - from wall and floor finishes through to furniture and textiles, decorations and boiseries. A real turnkey service haute couture with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy production
2 Villas
A home with a total Giorgio Saporiti look? Or one in which a few iconic Giorgio Saporiti pieces provide interiors with a very special flavor? The choice is yours. The solutions that Il Loft offers in terms of finishes, furnishing and d├ęcor are all highly customizable. No house will ever be the same as another.
3 Custom-made solutions
A sort of trampoline from which your (and our) creativity can fly. Each product is, as a matter of fact, highly customizable in terms of size, shape, finishes. So that each solution is always unique and personal.
4 Baby collection
So that the room of the little ones is not only functional and handy but also beautiful. Since 2007, the Il Loft Baby Collection - through its striking colors, seducing shapes, soft fabrics - helps parents live in style.
5 Office furniture
A workplace, today, is like an extension of one's living areas. It should talk about ourselves, about our taste, about our passion for beauty. For this reason the turnkey service of Il Loft is deployable also to office spaces. So that they can be experienced to the full.
6 Holiday homes
The house at the seaside just as attractive (or more) than the city one. Il Loft also designs terraces, winter gardens and whole homes in which it is possible to live in line with nature. So that also during the well deserved rest you can enjoy that special Giorgio Saporiti touch.
7 Private galleries
An artist himself, Giorgio Saporiti is also a knowledgeable art connoisseur. For this reason many art collectors all over the world have decided to ask him to design their interior, made to man's (and piece of art's) measure.
8 Luxury contract spaces
For years,Il Loft has been a herald of Italian quality and taste all over the world by providing furniture, complements, fabrics and finishes for luxury hotels, resorts and public spaces. A constant engagement that brought Giorgio Saporiti's name to be a synonym of Made in Italy quality everywhere.
9 Luxury Projects in collaboration with Patel Architecture
Green Architecture & Interior design

Narendra Patel expresses a unique design philosophy in his work, one of humanity enlightened by the power of natural geometries and enriched by the power of color and informed by the laws of classical proportion and order.

Narenda Patel