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"We are constantly moving, tempted by the images that come through movies, art, commercials, and fashion. We look for ourselves through this relentless search for what is new. In this respect we are the lucky victims of globalization. But the privilege of a wide choice also implies the risk of being lost in the sea of possibilities. As a designer, it is my duty to help people make their own choices so that they feel at home - truly at home - in the house where they live"

Giorgio Saporiti's name conjures up images of striking colors that stem one after the other in a game of contrasts or in ton-sur-ton sequence, in a sort of carousel of unusual, unexpected and provocative couplings. But it also brings to mind the memory of essential, visually pure pieces of furniture: daring ones, for sure, but inherently classic in their clean shapes as well as in their formal rigor and rationality.

In this dual soul of the Maestro one can easily spot the same sort of inspiration that made Italian fashion what it is today. And this is perhaps the reason why all those who fall in love with Giorgio Saporiti's furniture - all highly customizable in terms of finishes, materials, shapes and sizes - often asks him to go well beyond the single element and to design - or, rather, dress - their whole home. This is how Il Loft Concept started. This is a sort of haute couture design service, characterized by its extreme aesthetic and functional quality, that aims at the creation of unique spaces in a total look, that clearly bear the mark of their creator while at the same time also reflect the taste of the client who commissioned the work.

From floor to wall finishes, from complements through to fabrics, from decorations to boiseries: the designer's expertise and creativity are offered through a 360 degrees, turnkey service. The final result is an interior conceived for a very personal lifestyle. Unique.