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A space to furnish. It's all you need to put onto the table in order to have an interior with a total Giorgio Saporiti look.
Thank to the numerous visualization tools used in the company – from moodboards to color palettes up to the 3D digital drawings as realistic as pictures – whoever chooses Il Loft Concept, the 360 degrees turnkey service by Il Loft, has the possibility to co-create his or her own interior together with Giorgio Saporiti. But once defined the project for the client there is nothing left to do apart from waiting. The designers, woodworkers, craftsmen and weavers from Il Loft will deal with everything: from the measurement of spaces to the very first design phase, consisting of sketches; from the specific articulation on the design into workable renderings to prototypation; from the realization to installation.

Il Loft Concept is a real turnkey service, a sort of highly customizable design haute couture that has already been happily tested by entrepreneurs, businessmen and celebrities of the show, music and sports business around the world who all got unique, Giorgio Saporiti style interiors.

The evaluation of the site, together with the understanding of the personality and of the wishes of the client, is fundamental to provide Giorgio Saporiti with the basic elements that will help him define the flavor of the project.
Once given to Il Loft the assignment, the client just needs to sit and wait. The technicians of Il Loft will deal with everything, starting from the sizing of the spaces (so that furniture will fit the interiors like a glove).
Giorgio Saporiti works personally on each project and defines the quality of the interventions in terms of forms and finishes, as well as the relationship between the various furnishing elements, wall and floor coverings and the space that hosts them.
Once the project is finalized, the client just needs to open the door and enjoy the space. The Il Loft technicians will have set the interiors in all its details - from floor and wall finishes to boiseries, from furniture to complements. Because when Il Loft says "turnkey", this is exactly what they mean.