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          From the Maestro's hand to the precision of the machine. At Il Loft, extremely sophisticated IT systems work on Giorgio Saporiti's creations turning concepts and atmospheres into actual designs ready for production.
  Technology is precious if it is used as a means rather than a purpose.   For this reason at Il Loft, digital technologies - widely used in the design and in the prototyping phases - as well as mechanical and electronic equipment - used in the manufacturing process - are only there to help when they are needed: to complement and enrich the manual work of the designer and the craftsman.

  The mind and the hand are, as a matter of fact, the real strengths of Il Loft. It is the careful eye of Giorgio Saporiti that selects textures, fabrics, woods and leathers according to their functional and aesthetic qualities. And whereas for sure it is machines that will cut the planks, mix the plastics, produce fusions, it is certainly the know-how of the craftsmen to produce the outstanding finishes that guarantee the perfect end result.
  Super Roy.
Design & Creation
  At first, there is always a space to fill. Which at first needs to be intimately understood. Only at a later stage it will be possible for the Maestro to conceive furnishing elements that are specifically created to it. Like the Super Roy sofa:   wide (more than 5 meters by almost four) and dynamic, perfect for socialization, with seats positioned on both sides and covered with fabrics of the most varied textures and colors that nonetheless create a soothing harmony as a whole.

The starting point is always the sketch by Giorgio Saporiti. But the work, after the concept phase, continues thanks to the support team: engineers and designers define the project in all its details and specialized craftsmen turn it into a real product ready for use. Drawing
  Fabric Board